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Here are some more totally healthy guardmen.

Second squads of the shattered shield (I changed the name, sound more pleasant) finished.
Do not worry about how they look. This is just the result of the environment of the hive where they are recruited. Nothing more.

First squad of the broken shield ready to fight !

Next Saturday I’ll go to a small tournament. Here is the prototype of the colors for my army. I based myself on the schema of the broken shields. A small guard force who appears in my roleplaying game. Let’s hope that this little regiment of the guardsman does honor to the all-powerful.

More XV25 stealth suits for my army.

After so much time my wracks are finished. They are one of my favorite unit from the Drukhari. I can’t wait to get an army of them.

My breacher are ready to clear all the targets !

More crisis for my army !
I really like these battlesuits. They have so much possibility both with their poses and their weapons.

Wip of my breacher.

It’s been a while since my last Drukhari.
Still a wip.