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How to Run an Island Adventure – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy’s “How To Run an Island Adventure” article is now up on our 2-Minute Tabletop blog! It’s a one-stop shop for seafaring/island encounters and our suggested (free) battle maps. 

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The Devil’s Mill

My brother and I have put together this battle map + 5e encounter combo for Halloween. Please take a look (behind the link below) we would love your feedback!

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Pumpkin Hill Halloween Battle Map

Keen for a Halloween-themed game this October? Please give my Pumpkin Hill battle map a try!

Tell me, what kind of enemies do you imagine are haunting this old windmill?


10 More Winter Encounters – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Come cool off with 10 More Winter Encounters by Troy, with free battle maps included! They’re system-agnostic and packed with more flavor than a spit-roasted snow hare:

Such encounters as…

  • Rising from snow and ice is the petrified remains of a ship. Its crew is similarly frozen, but still animate.
  • A storm blew over a camp of travelers in the night. A shapeshifter has used the obscurement to infiltrate their ranks.
  • A snow witch stands in the tundra, constructing a castle of ice for herself. She was not expecting company.

Caboose & Cargo Car Map Assets

I’ve been working on a full set of hand-drawn steam train assets, and this is my latest addition. I’ve yet to make any tracks, but what do you think of it so far? 

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10 Snow Encounters

Troy, my brother and aspiring writer, just released another 10 snowy encounter primers on our blog! Here is a brief preview…

  • An orc patrol of unknown allegiance is spotted nearby. Trolls can be seen stalking them and are moments from catching them off-guard.
  • A cabin sits alone in the snow, nestled against the mountain’s foot. It appears long-abandoned but ghostly inhabitants still whisper from the shadows.
  • An extravagant aurora fills the sky. It is colorful, beautiful, and mesmerizing. It is a perfect distraction for goblin thieves.
  • The party finds a camp of travelers with damaged gear and supplies. They are friendly and make every attempt to hide the bodies that they have buried beneath them.
  • Intermittent snowstorms barrage the party, obscuring their vision and slowing their pace. Faeries dance invisibly within the storms, subtly moving the party as each one passes…

Troy goes into more detail in the article. Please check it out!

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I’m busting out the pumpkins early this Halloween! There’s some moody battle maps to come…

Free Sewer Map Assets

Grab our new, free Sewer Map tiles and assets, available today on our web gallery! Big thanks to our Patrons for making these possible. 

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Passenger Cars!

There are now two passenger cars to join our locomotive map asset, in Hogwart’s Express and Old West styles. 

All of our train assets are free, thanks to Patreon!

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My (Free) Sewer Map Tiles

Introducing our 2-Minute Sewer Tiles, a network of dripping tunnels lined with grime, debris, and unspeakable things. And with these four map tiles, they can go on just as far as you need! 

Thanks to my supporters, you can download them for free from my Patreon: