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This ominous altar encounter map is now up, and free thanks to my beloved Patreon supporters. Download here, and enjoy!

Introducing the Roadside Camp and Clearcut, two FREE roadside-side map tiles to expand your collection, made possible by my loyal Patreon supporters. ❤

Speaking of loyal Patreon supporters, you can download your nighttime variants here – enjoy!   

Last week I drew these two map tiles, and now you can see how! If time-lapses / speed drawing are your thing, please enjoy!

You can download these maps (for free) right here.

I’m back to drawing maps, at long last! Today I released my first two (FREE) roadside encounter tiles. We’re starting off simple, but you can look forward to campsites, caravans, ambushes, and more!

Interested in how I draw my maps? These two videos will show you my process!

You can download the Snowy Summit battle map featured in these videos for free by the way, thanks to my amazing Patrons!

Keep your Feather Fall in the chamber for this climb, players! The trail to the Snowy Summit is a perilous one, and who knows what awaits you at the mountain’s peak?

Today I’ve been working on something like a mountain ascent, a winding stone staircase transitioning from greenery to snow.

Keep your Feather Fall primed and ready!

This week I put myself in the shoes (claws?) of a young white dragon, sealing away treasure in an icy lair

This week’s map is taking shape…

This is Crystal Hill, the first in my set of wintry battle maps and the roost of an elegant white dragon. Enjoy, it’s free!