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First squad of the broken shield ready to fight !

I’ve started the base. Time to make some happy little trees 😉.
I really want to create some kind of ghostly atmosphere.

Wip of the skeleton knight.

My breacher are ready to clear all the targets !

Little WIP of the day.
I’m really happy to paint some drukhari ☺. I can’t wait to go to battle with a fierce army of them. Even if I still have a lot of work to do. 😆

More crisis for my army !
I really like these battlesuits. They have so much possibility both with their poses and their weapons.

Wip of my breacher.

It’s time to dance with Shaliah the soloist dancer.
@ragingheroes miniature.

Here is the finished Scourge. The wings are based on the magpie and, I didn’t thought it was so complicated. 😂

It’s been a while since my last Drukhari.
Still a wip.