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10 More Underground Encounters – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Today Troy has published ten more challenges for adventurers who dare tread underground. My maps are also bundled in to make a neat package for you to enjoy. 🙂 

Let’s devise even more in the comments! I like the idea of metal-munching crab men…

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10 Cave Encounters – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy has put together ten creative cave encounters this week! If your party are heading underground, here are some memorable obstacles to throw at them (and maps too!) 

Find them here:

“We’ve covered a number of the most common environments but we’re not done yet. It’s time to head below the surface. Whether that means a tunnel, cave, cavern, or the Underdark itself, we continue our goal of giving you new ideas and approaches to your game’s encounters. Each and every one comes with a flavorful introduction, description on how to plan and run the cave encounter, and different ways to change it for your own table. We want to inspire you while giving some useful tips and maps to make your job as easy and enjoyable as possible.”

As always, please go thank Troy on his Patreon page, where you can also find more encounter primers, how-to guides, and fun written content.

Road Textures Galore!

My latest contribution to the TTRPG art world are these city street tiles and seamless cobble/flagstone road textures! I hope they serve you well. 🙂 

Downloads on my blog: 

Soon I want to make a “Street Clutter” assets pack. Please help me fill out my list – what should I make sure to include in it?

Tiling Grass Textures for TTRPG Battle Maps

Do you enjoy building maps with my hand-drawn assets and could use a grassy base? The latest release on my blog is just that: a tiling (seamless) grass texture! 

The grassy goodness: 

Speaking of those custom maps, I’d love to see some of them! Please tag me if you feel like sharing them. 🙂 

How to Run Kobolds – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy’s How to Run Kobolds just hit our blog! There’s battle maps bundled in, a dash of geeky humor, and enough kobold-content to build a campaign around. 

Come check it out:

“Everything you could need to know for running kobolds in and out of combat. Dig some tunnels, rig some traps, and then throw your party in the deep end.”

The Dungeon Jail – A Free Prison Battle Map

A lot of ink went into my latest map, the Dungeon Jail. Please enjoy this classic campaign-starter and TPK-alternative! 


I feel like most GMs and players have a good prison story – what’s yours?

10 Kobold Encounters – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy, my DM and brother, has put together another meaty list of 10 Kobold Encounters on our blog. If you like encounter charts, battle maps, or just need a dose of inspiration, come see our kobolds! 

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1 – Kobolds have created a toll gate within a cave, demanding payment in a booming echo.

2 – A local woman tasks the party with ridding her basement of the kobolds that are claiming it as their new den.

3 – The party meets a lone kobold who fled his den with one of their god’s eggs. He needs their help to escape pursuit.

4 – A den worships a dragonborn who is using them to aid his bandit group.

5 – Kobold thieves have stolen an unstable magical artifact. The party must retrieve it before it’s too late.

6 – The party finds a bounty for clearing out a kobold den, posted by the dragon that the den worships.

7 – A dangerous beast is headed towards a small village and the party must help a band of kobolds stop it.

8 – A kobold tamer has managed to breed a surprising new pet: oozes. His hubris has become a problem for the den.

9 – Kobolds have constructed a monster costume that they use to demand offerings from a town.

10 – Five kobolds are stacked inside a set of beaten, black, plate armor. This knight now stands before the party and demands their fealty.

Ancient Tree Roots Battle Map

Need a big, mysterious tree in your life? I have just the battle map to scratch that itch, fresh off the press today. 

Check out my new Ancient Tree Roots battle map below: 

How to Run a Goblin Clan – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy has assembled an entire social system and battle strategy guide for the goblin race. It’s an entertaining read, and you can grab some free battle maps too! 

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A Fantasy Campaign Map – Arvyre

This is my take on a parchment fantasy campaign map, based on my childhood worldbuilding efforts: Arvyre. It’s unlabelled and ready to be dropped into your world too, if you want it! 

Downloads on my blog post: