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Building a trap dungeon based off the Winchest…

For a while as a DM I wanted to pull off a “trap dungeon” that doesn’t rely on monsters to challenge the party, and I’ve wanted to have unreliable narrator try to guide the PCs through the dungeon. I see an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone in an upcoming session, but want to share my ideas with this subreddit and see what else we could come up with.

My players will be visiting a necromancer NPC whose focused his energies on rebuilding a town which was raided and destroyed years ago. The cleric PC has a haunted sword from that town that he’s finally able to put to rest, but he must traverse the newly-renovated crypt to bring the weapon to its resting place. The necromancer and the PCs are on somewhat friendly terms, so the necromancer would warn the party about some of the traps he’s installed.

The problem is: he left most of the construction and planning to several ghosts, who designed the crypt to confuse or harm the living. I’d like to give the players a prop, an inaccurate map that the necromancer wrote up before he passed the responsibility of renovating the crypt to the ghosts. (The map would probably show more hallways than there actually are, or less doors than there actually are, etc).

The necromancer would also share some general notes.

  • Some doors are false. There are more false doors than there are keys to open them.
  • Some hallways lead nowhere. At least one hallway is trapped.
  • There are several specters still haunting the crypt.


  • Entrance hallway. Rigged with pitfall traps.
  • Chapel room. Houses several altars to NG or N gods (Kelemvor, Eldath, Lathander, Savras).
  • Commoner’s crypt. Houses the poor dead.
  • Grand crypt. Houses the noble dead.
  • Commoner’s offering room and Grand offering room. Houses the treasures of the dead.
  • Embalming room. Contains keys, an ochre jelly to fight, and other useful items for the PCs.
  • Divination room. Haunted room with magic items.


  • A dead-end hallway with a door at the end. When a player opens the door, it triggers a wall at the entrance to the hallway to slide open and release a transparent gelatinous cube, which will sit in front of the entrance to the hallway. (It may hold a key or other relevant quest item).
  • Locked treasure chests without any loot inside. Unlocked treasure chests with spear or needle traps.
  • Chapel room rigged with a cloudkill spell if a PC touches the offerings to the dead.
  • Substances in the Embalming room which might either be potions, quest items, or ochre jelly.
  • A door enchanted with dimension door, which spits PCs back to the entrance of the crypt.


  • One specter haunts a room until the PCs return his coffin lid to its proper location in the crypt. When the players do this, the specter will point out a false door and warn them not to use it before disappearing.
  • One specter haunts a room until the PCs rebuild an effigy to Kelemvor. They can find a scale in one of the offering rooms, and can find a skeletal hand in any crypt or inside the gelatinous cube.

Not sure if this counts as a “funhouse dungeon” but has anyone pulled off a dungeon which was mostly rigged with traps?

My supremely uninviting Skull Cave battle map …

My supremely uninviting Skull Cave battle map is now freely available, thanks to my wonderful Patrons! 

Tell me, what encounters come to your mind, looking into those hollow eye sockets?










New goddess idea: She’s an earth goddess of the new age who’s domain is spinning and weaving, but specifically spinning and weaving gigantic structural steel cables for construction and other industrial purposes. Her skin is steel grey and hard to the touch and her hair is like long dredlocks of woven steel. She laughs at shitty architecture deigns that will fall apart if actually built and protects well-made bridges and buildings she likes. She might warn you of unforseen danger if you always wear your proper PPE.

Okay now what do I name her





That’s my goddess. 👍🏻

May O’sha bless you with earplugs that are comfortable and respirators that fit perfectly. 

the only divinity where you don’t take your hat off in the temple – you put your hat ON.

Our Lady of Health and Safety,

Hazard flies from thee.

Inform us of our rights at work,

Lead us not into destruction,

but deliver us from error.

Maketh us to lie down among blueprints

And lead us to good designs.

You give us appropriate PPE,

We shall not want.

Holy Lady, of engineers,

Pray for us sinners,

Now and at the end of our contracts.

In the shadow of the valley of evil

You show the way with adequate backup lights,

You deliver us from trip hazards.

For thine are the Great Works,

the power and pylon,

Now and forever.

Close paren.







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More Forbidden Woods Park that nobody asked for

Feel free to use the park setting in any story or medium you want, just link back to this post and provide the proper credit.

Also, I ask that you keep the comedic tone and lighthearted outlook of the park authorities in your stories.

I want a podcast of this like welcome to nightvale but it’s a chipper park ranger

Nightvale is absolutely one of the inspirations for this. It’s a combination of WTNV and SCP Foundation.

hey dude- i’m super excited for the wyrd…

hey dude- i’m super excited for the wyrd and the wild! i have to ask- which beastie that you’ve worked on so far has been your favorite ?

Nuts, thats unfortunately a tough question.

I say that because I’ve designed 50 of them (all to be available in the book when it’s released), all with a very specific aesthetic and tone in mind. Each one of those creatures is meant to either fill a role, present a particular challenge, or act in a specific way, all the while fitting into the dark and savage tone of the Wyrd and Wild.

It’s a bit like picking a favorite kid…

However, If i had to pick it would at the moment be these two:


Knights who have gone utterly mad and turn into roving murder-beasts. Some straight Dark Souls shit (because I am Soulsbourne trash), they are also loaded with magical items from before they went mad. They present either a terrifying obstacle to avoid, or a dangerous target full of magical goodies.


One of the boogeymen of the Wyrd and Wild, a teleporting shadow monster that singles out its target and eliminates anyone close to them. It is the guardian of the Wyrd and Wild’s secrets, basically an eldritch hit-man with no mouth, three eyes, and a penchant for sowing terror. If you have the stomach to face this perfect assassin you might find its blood and body have wondrous properties. 

Anyway, thats just two of them. Some of my other favorites are: the mushroom zombie men, the carnivorous ancient goat bards, a pack of evil cherubs, magical trees gone rotten with magic, a frog monster who likes songs, tree-ple, and the crazy corvid men who can predict the future but only do so in a constant stream of madness inducing noise, to name a few!

rjwpshit: I had an idea for D&D


I had an idea for D&D



This is how the golden age of piracy ended.