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My next undead encounter, using the three pillars

To better understand the post, know that Cael is a necromancer noble whose keeping his lover’s soul from passing over by keeping him as a revenant. The revenant is named Stockwell, and he’s trying to work with the PCs to settle his revenge and finally pass over, having left a message for Cael to find after he’s already gone.

Cael found the letter early and is pissed.

Alston Lancaster, Cael’s deceased great-great grandfather, leads a team of undead creatures towards the PC in search of their revenant ally Stockwell. Cael has given Alston orders to bring Stockwell back to Graycott before the end of the week and kill anyone perceived to be his captor. The zombies and specters will attack the PCs while Alston the ghost attempts to possess Stockwell’s body to bring it back to Graycott. The encounter ends when Stockwell’s possessed body gets too far from the PCs to follow, if the players resolve the encounter, or when all the PCs die.


The PCs are located in an area with irregular patches of difficult terrain. Zombies will not pay attention to this and may impede their chase by walking through rocky areas to get closer to Stockwell. Specters will simply float over these obstacles and may target PCs who are stuck moving through difficult terrain.


The zombies will attack whomever is nearest Stockwell. They may all group up and attack one PC but will move onto other hostile targets if they’re damaged.

The specters will attack damaged PCs. They may move in groups of two and target one PC with their Life Drain ability. A lone specter would target PCs further away from their allies, or who are moving through difficult terrain.

Alston will attack PCs who directly try to stop him from possessing Stockwell’s body. He would first use his Horrifying Visage to hopefully scare the PC away, but will then resort to hit-and-run tactics using his flying speed. Once the hostile PC is gone, he will return to the task of possessing Stockwell.


The zombies and specters will be impossible to communicate with, and will only stop their assault if Alston wills it.

Stockwell will not attack the undead creatures or Alston, but will not want to be possessed and will beg the PCs for help.

Speaking with Alston may require a combination of Persuasion, Intimidation, and Insight checks to get him to stop attacking Stockwell, but this would not stop the undead creatures’ assault. Roll an Insight check for Alston against the player’s skill roll. If Insight beats the player’s skill roll, the ghost believes the PC but then commands them to help him deliver Stockwell before the end of the week. If the player’s skill roll is higher, their intended effect happens at the DMs discretion. Players must successfully beat Alston’s Insight roll three times before he gives up the attack and disappears to the Ethereal Plane. If the zombies and specters are all destroyed, Alston will stop his attack but continue to reprimand Stockwell for his resistance.

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