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Foreign Language Translations on DnDBeyond He…

Foreign Language Translations on DnDBeyond

Hey folks – I could genuinely use some help if you are a non-English reader/player regarding language translations potentially being integrated on @DnDBeyond. I’ve shared a high-level synopsis and asked a question here: Early, informal, but helps! — Adam Bradford (@BadEyeAdam) August 19, 2019

How to handle a Wish spell

How to handle a Wish spell

yeah which since we talked about divine

intervention wish is one more

interesting game B spells is part of

Dean D history but it is also something

you need to word very well and can be a

nightmare for both players and DMS how

do you handle wish so the wish spell in

many ways is the ultimate expression of

wizard leap our wizards going back to

first addition have been the people in

the D&D…

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Top Subclass – D&D Beyond

Top Subclass – D&D Beyond

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Strahd & Ravenloft by Chris Perkins

Strahd & Ravenloft by Chris Perkins

Why We Love Mind Flayers

Why We Love Mind Flayers

Abyssal Chickens and Gnome Flayers

Abyssal Chickens and Gnome Flayers

Top 3 Subclasses by Class – D&D Beyond

Top 3 Subclasses by Class – D&D Beyond

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Dungeons & Dragons and Diversity

Dungeons & Dragons and Diversity

Listen to @JeremyECrawford and @cypheroftyr talk about how vital diversity and inclusion are for Dungeons & Dragons in this interview with tanja for you dean d has evolved

dramatically over the since its

evolution I mean since it was even

created what do you like most about the

change like especially in 5th edition so

funny story Greg Tito had me on dragon

talk and we were talking about he was


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Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Dead Three in D&D …

Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Dead Three in D&D – Myrkul, Bane and Bhaal

Top Character Alignment on DnDBeyond

Top Character Alignment on DnDBeyond

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