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I spent the week drawing a multi-layered tav…

I spent the week drawing a multi-layered tavern battle map. It’s free thanks to my Patreon supporters, so please enjoy. I would love your feedback!

So I brought up the idea of playing D&D wi…

So I brought up the idea of playing D&D with a friend of mine and she said she knew someone who made and sold his own custom modules for it. But the thing was, if I bought one then I had to not let anyone know I had it or else we could get sued or arrested for it. What did my friend mean by that? Is it a copyright thing? Homebrewing is encouraged in D&D though so Idk how that makes any sense.

You can’t sell it, but even then I doubt they would notice. Yes, wizards of the coast technically has the copyright to dnd characters, but I haven’t heard they’re like Disney in vigilance or where they actively track down homebrew creations or makers (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Basically, if you commission someone to do a custom character and that’s their own creation, you can’t sell copies of their work without permission. You also shouldn’t post it and claim it as yours. Also, they as an artist can fight the copyright against any other claiming it as their original work, you should just be the consumer. Otherwise, unless you’re somehow making money off of it at a pretty high rate I don’t think anyone would notice. I’m an artist; I want people to share my work and credit me, tell people about it and show my work, etc. so unless the stuff you have is stolen from someone else; it’s likely ok. Not an expert on this, but I have had classes on copyright law and read some of it pretty extensively.

I'm joining a new campaign soon (my third…

I'm joining a new campaign soon (my third ever and the second one I'm currently playing in) and I'm playing a halfling rogue with a thief archetype. My friend is playing a large character and we're gonna do a team up that's kinda like Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph. Is this too cliche? Should I change it?

I’m so sorry as I don’t know how long this has sat in my asks but I think you should do it!! I have so much fun with my thief character.

Wonder how I draw trees and bushes, at the t…

Wonder how I draw trees and bushes, at the table and for my maps? In this video I do my best to explain the process. Please enjoy!

A Literary Pun

A friend’s Ranger is a mountain man type, we found him by himself in the woods and sort of adopted him into our party. His name is Anri. We played for weeks before he revealed his full name. 

Anri Dafid Thoroh. Who lived by himself at Wallden Pond. I’m impressed our friend played for so many sessions without giving away their pun of a character.

Those Mercantile Tokens I’ve been workin…

Those Mercantile Tokens I’ve been working on just came out the art-oven, and you can download them for free below – there’s 177 in all! 

I’d love to see what you create, so please share. 🙂

The Silver Dragon

So I am fairly new to DnD and so far I have a lot of interesting stories that happened between all of our characters including one of our characters getting the mind version of an STD. But that isn’t my favorite.

My favorite is where my noob showed.

Earlier in the adventure, my character (a metal warforge monk who doesn’t have to breath) decided to walk in a river to find any treasure. The river is one that dwarves use to travel a lot so I ended up finding metals, gold, and gems. Awesome! that really paid off (I proceeded to walk into ever river I see since then including one that was a 95 foot drop. I got out.) Also earlier I had to assist in building myself a new body. Now my character is freaking great at being a smithy. I am talking like +20 between all of the bonuses I gathered.

Because I was in debt because someone decide to break my arm and enlist help from others to fix me, I needed to go get silver dragon scales or 17,000 gold since my body was made of mithral. Not knowing how I was going to do this, I just moved on with life till I figured it out. Bought a master work hammer because if I am apparently master smithy now I should have a good hammer (or any hammer), wrap the handle in cloth for extra effect and back to the dwarven city where we are staying for now!

So I research that Silver Dragons like jewelry and stuff like that so me with my metals and master hammer go down to the dwarven forges to make some jewelry (I ended up making a wondrous ring, yes I still have it) till I was satisfied with the amount I had. Leave my baby sentient ring up in my room, take a party member with me that is lawful something so the dragon doesn’t decide to keep ME, and up the mountain to find the dragon.

The thing is….The dragon is ancient. I had no idea what that meant and I only sent two characters to go grab the scales I need. Couldn’t be too big, right? Wrong. One conversation, a thank you to god that my character wasn’t kept as decoration, and two loose scales in our possession later it was time to head back down the mountain.

Only the scales were as tall as my character.

My character is 6’‘9’

After many people explaining to me my noobish mistake (though I got two dragon scales, what ya’ll complaining about), we decided to surf the dragon scales down the mountain. We couldn’t take it into the city that way, so we ended up having to drag them. Of course there was a commotion when we entered the DWARVEN city with TWO GIANT SILVER DRAGON SCALES. One of our party members noticed and I ended up having my character act like it was nothing special. We are keeping one scale and giving the other to the druids. Don’t know how we are going to get it to the druids, but we will figure that out later.

This was also the character that believed literally everything another character said even after it was proven that they had been lying to her.

Ragnarok asks for my help

In our D&D campaign I play a pyrokinetic wolf named Woof. Well, a sword that belonged to a fallen teammate, Oxford, suddenly became possessed and kept trying to get Woof to take it. Woof initially took the sword, but after it got an attitude, (btw, Woof is the only one who can hear the sword) Woof realized that a possessed fire sword cannot end well. Thus, he tried to chuck it; 3 times, and each time it came back to him. After several attempts by Woof to get rid of it, the sword made itself into a pair of gauntlets that Woof could not take off. He tried everything: pulling them off, gnawing at them, banging them against a rock, banging them against each other. Each time just resulted in the gauntlets hurting Woof. Then, when they finally got off of Woof, it turns out they had left a gaping hole in Woof’s arm. After a lot of arguing with the sword, it revealed it’s true form: a tall demon person, which revealed itself to be Ragnarok, Satan’s brother. Now they have a deal: if Woof helps Ragnarok kill Satan, Ragnarok will give Woof some of his power, and leave him alone. This is as far as the story has gotten so far, but if there are more funny moments, I’ll try to give an update. 


For context: I played a one off campaign with some friends over Skype. We came out of the sewers, covered in dirt and blood and grime. Our bard had crazy high persuasion and I, a monk, has high intimidation.

Bard: I’m going to bathe in the muddy puddle next to us and persuade the entire town into thinking I’m clean.

DM, after a long suffered sigh: Fine. Roll persuasion.

Bard rolls, gets a nat 20.

DM: Fucking, fine. The entire town thinks you’re very clean and smell pleasant.

Me: I want to intimidate the town into thinking I’m clean then.

DM: Y’all are killing me. Roll intimidation.

I roll a 19, but with my modifier added I get a 24.

DM: People kinda realize you’re dirty but they’re too scared to say anything. The decided to ignore it.

Later that game I also accidentally slept with the boss monster.


My friend wrote a campaign where we were pulling a heist at a casino. I was playing a half elf paladin, and before our game we had this interaction.

DM: So, you’re a paladin. Would your character be okay with robbing a casino with a bunch of criminals?

Me: I’m chaotic good.

DM: So? You’re still a Paladin.

Me: I’m chaotic, so I do shit like Rob casinos. I’m good, so I do it against bad people. I’m a vengeful paladin.

DM, after a long moment: Fine. I will be keeping an eye on you and your alignment.

By the end of the campaign she changed me to lawful evil