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The Banahogg – A Hag Encounter – 2-Minute Tabl…

The Banahogg – A Hag Encounter – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Troy’s Journey Into The Banahogg swamp adventure is now complete with part 3: A Hag Encounter! 5e stat blocks, tokens, and battle maps all inside…

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The Banahogg – d20 Swamp Encounters Troy&…

The Banahogg – d20 Swamp Encounters

Troy’s 1d20 swamp encounters in the Banahogg is now available for you to explore, free tokens and battle maps included. Be sure to pack rations, it’s quite a journey.

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Hail, battle-map-enthusiasts! I’ve rec…

Hail, battle-map-enthusiasts! I’ve recently raided several castles and a handful of dragon lairs, and return to you with these shiny new assets.

Please download them (for free) from the bottom of my blog post:

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The Banahogg – A Swamp Adventure – 2-Minute Ta…

The Banahogg – A Swamp Adventure – 2-Minute Tabletop:

Join Troy on an adventure into the Banahogg swamp lands, battle maps and tokens included! We’ll be releasing this horror-themed adventure for free over the next few weeks.

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A long abandoned temple dedicated to a sea-faring race is utterly flooded by murky, cloudy water. The water obscures line of sight, but magical lights or other underwater light sources will extend to only half of their normal range. At the entrance to the dungeon bubbles forth a mysterious, clear spring in an oddly well-kept looking fountain. Drinking the fountains waters imbues a creature with an hour of water-breathing ability and a compulsion to not leave the depths of the temple. A DC15 Wisdom save, repeatable every 10 minutes, allows a creature to resist these thoughts. The water may be bottled, but loses it’s magic after 24 hours, and a creature imbibing it out of view of the temple suffers severe anxiety and paranoia, as well as vivid delusions of being pulled underwater.

The Ruined Keep battle map is now available to…

The Ruined Keep battle map is now available to download for free, all thanks to the support of our Patrons. Find it at the bottom of our blog post:






You come across a town hurrying to winter proof itself. Its a bright and sunny summer day. Later, a blanket of snow falls and the town seems to profit from the unprepared and damaged towns.

Ashes and snow mix in the sky, and further south you can see snow melting off a mountain and a gentle warm breeze hit you. That can’t be good, especially in the dead of winter.

A woman asks you to help track down her party. They went ahead of her a bit while she rested, but she can’t find them anywhere. Look for their tracks, wagon, signs of travel, etc. Eventually you can find an overturned wagon that has been abandoned, and a few fallen travelers. Nearby bandits wait for your party to drop their guard, working with the woman to get extra victims.

You find strange tracks in the snow going off the path.

A crazy looking NPC is ranting and raving about how its going to be the coldest night in three days, live stock and villagers will die, trees will shatter, and so on. He says it can be reversed, or at least lessened, if you appease the local god. The locals will still need to prepare for the harsh night.

The Square Keep You can now download the seve…

The Square Keep

You can now download the seven-layer Square Keep from my gallery. It’s free thanks to the support of my Patrons, so please enjoy! In return tell me, what might live here in your campaign?

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Quick ideas for your desert campaign since you guys liked the ocean one

  • There is a little shrine that offers shade and a place to sit. A disembodied voice asks you about happenings in the world, what you’ve been up to, and so on. If you give them entertaining stories, or give valuable info, the voice will give advice on how to better survive in the area, or produce a small trinket.
  • A group of hooligans who get around the desert on shields and sails made of capes who ride the crazy winds.
  • A crazy looking old man is preaching about the end times. He might be on to something. The sun has slowly been taking longer to come up and longer to go down and keeps getting hotter. Its almost unbearable. Eventually it scorches the land and burns crops, small animals, and even starts small fires.
  • An old monsterous being has woken up deep below the earth. Its slowly digging its way out of the earth and a large sink hole has appeared where you think the mouth is.
  • A wizard is trying to bring back an old ocean that dried up long ago, and all the sea creatures with it.

Quick reminder to feel free to send me asks and questions about anything you might need! 

Got a request for even more desert and sand stuff so here you go! Next post is going to be winter themed at request.

Under a few layers of sand you find a trap door. It opens up into an upside down pyramid dungeon filled with all sorts of traps and monsters.

Help a NPC out. He calls himself an “archaeologist”, but really just seems like a grave robber. When is it even okay to dig someone up? Help him dig up a site to do “research” or whatever. 

An oasis thats actually just a mimic or four.

A crazy wizard is summoning storms and messing up

There is a lush green forest in the middle of nowhere. There is rain, animals, 

What you think is a sphinx is actually a petrified creature.