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basalt-dnd: Yet another 100 magic items! I’m p…


Yet another 100 magic items! I’m procrastinating on classwork.

Note: These range from common to uncommon. In general, their cost can be higher than what it says on the sheet (about as much as 500 gp, for more powerful objects or settings where magic is rarer). They are intentionally vague at times, so that the DM can fill in whatever details are appropriate.


You need to make some money, luckily there is a job posting for an armed guide.

  • A nervous ghost hunter wants an escort through the regions “most haunted” forest. Its not haunted, but it does turn out to be full of dangerous creatures and a fraud who is really good at making ghost noises.
  •  An underling knows where his boss stashed his gold. Knowing his boss has to lay low in town, he wants to sneak out and steal it. His master plan is to frame the bosses right hand. Or the party. Whatever works out better for him.
  • A rich man from another continent wants to explore the strange wildlife in the area. He loves owls and bears, or was it Owlbears?


A witch who loves to garden lives just outside of town. Despite being relatively harmless the townspeople dislike and fear her.

  • Her garden keeps [monster] away from the town, as it does not like the smell the plants produce.
  • Her plants are used for medicine, spells, and more. The town wants the garden burned down, but will graciously let her keep the home.
  • A villager steals a plant and puts it in a pot. The plant quickly grows out of control without the witch’s knowledge.

chivesxp: I tried to tell myself not to spoil …


I tried to tell myself not to spoil anything, but I’m just that goddamn excited.

So here’s a rough, ROUGH page from the bestiary portion of the book for your viewing pleasure.


A girl goes missing in [town]. Her brother/mother/etc sends you to there to find her.

  • The town does its best to convince you she died/left town. It seems shady. Turns out the girl is in hiding from her family, but otherwise fine and happy. The town has come to love her as their new [armor smith/baker/etc] and accept her as one of their own.


The kingdom has hired a seer. The guards are rounding up all of the bad guys on the list before they can manage to do anything.

  • The seer is evil and taking out his competition.
  • The seer is from a neighboring country and is taking out spies/informants before they can give the kingdom information.
  • The seer is rounding up people for political gain.
  • They’re actually bad people, the seer is correct. A local high ranking evildoer wants them gone before they’re found out.

The party has heard tell of a beholder around …

The party has heard tell of a beholder around town. They go to confront the beast and find out what people were saying was really ‘bee holder’



The wilds are host to many dangerous foes.


There is a beautiful large town on the coast with plenty of spices and wondrous plants. Unfortunately, they’re being raided by pirates almost weekly.

  • Pirates kidnap one of the best gardeners in the area and force them to build a giant garden on board.
  • More and more people move inland to avoid piracy. Some plants fall off of carts and plant themselves along the trail making it dangerous, but profitable, to travel the path and harvest what doesn’t kill.


You are tasked with tracking a party. Figure out how many there are, what class they are, and what they’re doing so far away from their territory.