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Just some test of dark skin and Tzeentch horns. This is the…

Just some test of dark skin and Tzeentch horns. This is the second head of my lady of arcana from creature caster. I do not know if I’ll paint the mini with this schem but it was fun to do anyway.

“Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating…

“Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil… prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon…”

Terry pratchett

Demon pacts and revenants – how would you DM t…

We have a weird love triangle of sorts going on in my campaign between the BBEG (an orc warlord), the party rogue, and a revenant NPC.

Our rogue nearly died while fighting an orcish fiend cult, but struck a deal with a tanarruk to save his life. As part of the deal, the rogue gets a quasit familiar and gets to live. In return, the rogue has to personally kill the BBEG. He has to land the killing blow. The quasit is there to keep tabs on the rogue PC as he fulfills this mission. As the game went on, the quasit became a fun NPC who goads the rogue into doing more and more vicious acts to solve the party’s problems, and hinted at the idea of a warlock pact if it became strong enough.

Eventually, the party finds a demigod in a dungeon. In the game I run, demigods are still garnering power through their followers’ belief so they can become a god with a capital G. Since this demigod’s worshippers were all in this one dungeon, the quasit directed the group to do things that got its worshippers all killed. When the demigod was at its weakest, the quasit attacked while the party was busy and ate the demigod’s heart, transforming the quasit into a demi-demon prince.

The demon prince claims the rogue as its first slave and champion in its quest to consume all life in existence. The rogue goes with it. He instantly gains 1 level in warlock, and enters his second fiendish pact. This demon tells the rogue not to worry about the first contract because he’s going to personally kill the demon who he originally signed with. The rogue goes with it.

The party recently came upon an old revenant NPC, who reveals his unholy quest to personally kill the BBEG himself. The revenant has been traveling for nearly a year to do this, and is days away from failing his mission and going to hell forever. This NPC is also pretty well liked by the players, and they don’t want to see their friend end up in hell.

So we have a PC and an NPC to have to kill the same target. The PC is obligated to two different demons who want to kill each other. And the party is sitting outside the BBEG’s war camp. Any ideas on how to proceed? One demon is in the Abyss while the other is trouncing around the Material Plane, which probably matters.