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First commission DONE! This is Ditka, a sword …

First commission DONE! This is Ditka, a sword swallowing bard who was super fun to draw. Commissions are still open and will be for the foreseeable future. Expect to see occasional art and the emergency commission post along with your regularly scheduled dnd idea posts! <3

$43 / $255 raised for a new massage table thanks to the commission and a few Ko-fi donations! Thank you guys so much for all the reblogs, donations, and inquires to commissions! 

Brainstorm with me! Providing a moral quandary…

Here’s a shower thought I had to write down. Let’s see if we can fine tune it before my next game!

There’s a halfling bard in the party with a backstory that involves a cursed ring that split him into two entities. I describe it as if the ring split the halfling between his ego and his id and these ‘brothers’ went their separate ways. The ring is cursed by Beshaba, a lesser deity in my world. Beshaba is two halves of a whole as well: Beshaba has a sister deity, Tymora. Together they’re the goddesses of misfortune and luck, respectively, and they were once the goddess of Fate, Tyche. In my setting, they mysteriously split ages ago and gave living beings more reign to their own destinies, but chaos ensued as fates waxed and waned.

Tymora and Beshaba have been speaking to the PC character in his dreams ever since he found a strange coin in his pocket he can never seen to lose. Tymora tells him to ‘be bold’ and continue his heroic deeds as he plays through my campaign, and he can become ‘whole’ again. Beshaba dissuades him from continuing his heroics because ‘all mortals fail and face my wrath, sooner or later.’ She also tells the PC that his ‘brother’ has heeded her words and has been rewarded, and is ‘better off without you.’

These goddesses want the opposite thing to happen: if the PC continues through the campaign, I mean to re-make Tyche after ages of absence by the two sisters coming together again. If I can maybe tie this in with his cursed ring and his ‘brother,’ that might be fun.

  • Tymora wants to become Tyche with her sister because ??? 
  • Beshaba does not want to become Tyche with her sister because if the PC does not save the day, the world will end as a result of his ‘brother’s’ actions, resulting in a massive power surge of her deitic powers as a goddess of misfortune (what’s more unfortunate than the end of the world?). She will ask him ‘if you were destined to save the world but suffer a horrible tragedy as a result, would you seek out your fate or want to power to change it?’

I’m having an issue developing a counter-argument to Beshaba’s ‘free fate’ idea that also sounds like a good idea to some. Any thoughts? Or can I go about this a different way? 


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