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how do u recommend someone who has never playe…

how do u recommend someone who has never played dnd before to start in the game?? i'm really wishing to get into it but i don't know how to exactly ;;;

Well I would find someone that plays or a place that holds games and would ask them! Maybe your local game store or library has games? If they don’t I would ask them if I get could help start one. Another place is to look online; if you aren’t anonymous then I could post this and people could message you.

A tip for DMs from an incredibly frustrated pl…

A tip for DMs from an incredibly frustrated player: If your PCs express the desire to do nice things for the little people (like giving homeless people a few gold pieces here and there) then GIVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY. Throw some beggars in their path as they’re walking around a city. Let them come across a few orphans who are pickpocketing people to get food. Don’t blame your players for causing trouble wherever they go if you never give them a chance to be charitable to the less fortunate.

Just leaving this here.

So I brought up the idea of playing D&D wi…

So I brought up the idea of playing D&D with a friend of mine and she said she knew someone who made and sold his own custom modules for it. But the thing was, if I bought one then I had to not let anyone know I had it or else we could get sued or arrested for it. What did my friend mean by that? Is it a copyright thing? Homebrewing is encouraged in D&D though so Idk how that makes any sense.

You can’t sell it, but even then I doubt they would notice. Yes, wizards of the coast technically has the copyright to dnd characters, but I haven’t heard they’re like Disney in vigilance or where they actively track down homebrew creations or makers (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Basically, if you commission someone to do a custom character and that’s their own creation, you can’t sell copies of their work without permission. You also shouldn’t post it and claim it as yours. Also, they as an artist can fight the copyright against any other claiming it as their original work, you should just be the consumer. Otherwise, unless you’re somehow making money off of it at a pretty high rate I don’t think anyone would notice. I’m an artist; I want people to share my work and credit me, tell people about it and show my work, etc. so unless the stuff you have is stolen from someone else; it’s likely ok. Not an expert on this, but I have had classes on copyright law and read some of it pretty extensively.

I'm joining a new campaign soon (my third…

I'm joining a new campaign soon (my third ever and the second one I'm currently playing in) and I'm playing a halfling rogue with a thief archetype. My friend is playing a large character and we're gonna do a team up that's kinda like Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph. Is this too cliche? Should I change it?

I’m so sorry as I don’t know how long this has sat in my asks but I think you should do it!! I have so much fun with my thief character.

What cool RPG books would you recommend that c…

What cool RPG books would you recommend that can be converted easily to D&D 5e? Like Veins of the Earth from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, or Book of Challenges from3e

I have absolutely no experience reading either of those two so I’m at a loss. My fiancé says there are tons of Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS) books out there and adds that anything written to 3rd edition would probably easily translate to 5th. I use straight up fiction as my inspiration; I would love to do a Six of Crows inspired game.

Why does the cast of CR dislike Wil Wheaton? T…

Why does the cast of CR dislike Wil Wheaton? Tumblr seems to like him overall and the cast's political leanings mostly align with his.

He rolls terrible so they think he is cursed. He was IN critical role as a guest. They don’t like…hate him as a person lol.

Hey, how do you feel about people playing mons…

Hey, how do you feel about people playing monster races? I really want to play more monstrous races like Gnolls or Harpys but my dm says that I cant because there "bad" and "it would hinder your party because people wouldnt let you into there towns" or "they're chaotic evil and would just want to hurt everyone around them". But I feel monster pcs would make things more intresting for how people would react to you and dont have to be bad. Thoughts?

I don’t have a problem with it as a dm, but yeah in my current party (as a player) our tiefling doesn’t have an easy reception most of the time so I understand (he’s also evil). So…accept that there would likely be some limitations based on that. I say find a crazy party and dm who is the type to allow a home-brewed selection of (likely all evil) monsters and you might have the start of a fun game.

where would I go to start listening to TAZ?

where would I go to start listening to TAZ?

It’s really great! I haven’t finished it myself yet. Definitely going to listen to more the next road trip I take! Enjoy!

um so how does one keep a secret that their c…

um so how does one keep a secret that their character is actually a chaotic evil murderer from everyone in their party? heh😅

It’ll be easier to hide from the characters, rather than the people playing them. I’d ask the DM for sure. I’ve hidden things from other players by texting the DM during the game what I’d like to do so I don’t have to voice it in front of everyone. If your DM will allow something like that, then you could potentially hide a good amount, but you’ll still likely be rolling something in front of them, so they (out of character) will pick up that something else is going on. Say you want to kill that NPC that your party was just talking to – you could discreetly ask if you can return to kill that NPC. The other characters in game could potentially miss that your character is absent, but when it comes to your attack, you as a player are still going to have to make attack rolls somewhere, possibly in front of the others. If your DM is really game with you hiding this for as long as possible, maybe you’ll have your own special little killing sessions away from the other people playing. BUT, the characters might wonder after awhile who is killing all the NPCs they’ve come into contact with, which might lead them to investigate the murders….

Anyone else with any tips to add to this? Thanks for the ask!

Sorry if this isn't your wheelhouse, but …

Sorry if this isn't your wheelhouse, but I'm agitated. Every time I play D&D, any idea I suggest gets instantly shot down without even discussing it. Doesn't matter what character I'm playing, the feel of the campaign, nothing – just instant rejection and I don't know what to do. The others are kinda cliqueish (2 of the players live with the GM, the third is dating one of the two living with the GM) and I'm definitely the outsider here, and they make me feel it. 1/2

I’ve tried talking to people about it but nothing ever gets done. They just keep doing it. My boyfriend thinks I should just drop out, but in one campaign I’m the only healer and in the other I’m the only inOt-based character. Do you have any thoughts on what I could do? 2/2.

Ok. first of all, try talking to your GM. If they are no help, do what you want in game. If the party want’s to do one thing, but you disagree on the course of action, DO WHAT YOU WANT. Dnd is supposed to a fantasy world where you could do what ever you can imagine, and that’s what is so fun about it. If your party is making you do something because of your alignment, or class that you don’t like playing, change your alignment or multiclass to fit your play style better. If it’s really you against the party you could always go the chaotic evil angle and try to meticulously “off” the rest of the party and become the big bad. That strategy will get you kicked out of a lot of games but if you really don’t feel like you belong then go out in a blaze of carnage. That being said sometimes it’s nice in a game to not have control and sit back and relish in other peoples folly. When it’s all said and done the healer can loot before they revive all the crazy.