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Artificer at work and Cyre Marches

Cyre MarchesFor Project Raptor .Check out more info here #commission #eberron — Olie (@OlieArtist) September 4, 2019 #Eberron artificer at work (before the explosion)! #InMyEberron work in progress by Matthew Riley… — KB Presents (@InMyEberron) September 9, 2019

A few weeks back you guys helped me buy a new massage table for school by commissioning me. It was a huge help and I’m back again hoping to alleviate some of my household bills by doing more art while I look for more work. If you’re interested please email me at Thank you so much! Below are higher res pictures so you can see what you would get.

First commission DONE! This is Ditka, a sword swallowing bard who was super fun to draw. Commissions are still open and will be for the foreseeable future. Expect to see occasional art and the emergency commission post along with your regularly scheduled dnd idea posts! <3

$43 / $255 raised for a new massage table thanks to the commission and a few Ko-fi donations! Thank you guys so much for all the reblogs, donations, and inquires to commissions! 

Early D&D concept for the Nabassu

From the archive! Early #dnd concept for the Nabassu redux I did a couple of years ago.

Tortle concepts

This is spectacular work! — Richard Whitters (@WhittersRichard) July 22, 2019


I couldn’t find the reblog button on desktop so here is a link for this artist! This concludes the mass artist reblog. I tried to make sure everyone I reblogged was open for commissions. I’d like to do this once in a blue moon to get artists the recognition they deserve! Please feel free to reblog this, or my last text post, and keep adding artists so they others who see this can read the notes and find even more. 🙂


Trinket – Tiefling Rogue

Here’s another one, my tricky little klepto


i’m gay for my new wow girl


Studies and planning out a bug-based dnd campaign feat one good boy