vallonde-laid-bare: I’m working on more charac…


I’m working on more character options, who would’ve guessed *Looks nervously at list of 50 regions that need to be written up*

So I already did this sort of thing with the aasimar, tiefling, and genasi, but I figured that I might as well open up the process even more and make rules for half-races. I’m going to have to do testing on characters using multiple templates to make sure it doesn’t get too broken if and when they start to stack. Let me reiterate that these are not races, they are templates which I made a post explaining HERE. I’ve gotten too many people mistaking templates for races in the past that I feel like I need a disclaimer. Also, this is just the start so, you know, lots more to come. I’m just kinda testing the waters to see what people think and I’ll adjust based on suggestions as I go.

As always, questions and comments are welcome. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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