Hi! Im just getting into DMing and I've h…

Hi! Im just getting into DMing and I've had like 3 sessions with my players. Some of my players don't feel like they're the best at improv and don't talk as much during the game so I really end up in a 1 to 1 conversation with my bard during sessions. Do you have any good advice for engaging my 2 not so imptov adept players?

First of all, CONGRATS on DMing your own game! Sounds like you’re off to a good start, tbh.
Not everyone wants to do theater improv at dnd, are they having fun otherwise? Not every game goes like critical roll or taz. Engage them, make the storyline be about them, or go for the things they do like (combat, puzzles, interaction with npcs etc). If they keep coming to games, they must like what’s going on otherwise I’d make excuses after the first game. The game I play no one (except the dm) uses character voices, we frequently switch in and out of character, but everyone loves playing, I think mostly thanks to the DM, who DOES do the effort on voices (although it’s a running joke he’ll always botch names or place names—-as in one guys morphed throughout the story much like Gary/Larry/Jerry in parks and Rex); he engages us and makes the effort and we just try to survive and push the storyline further and have a great time. Sorry this sat in my ask so long??!! Feel free to message me anytime and I’ll do my best to get back to you too!