Getting Started!


So! Setting up this Tumblr has taken me forever, but here we (finally) are!

This masterpost, which I hope to keep updated, will have links to all of my DM’s Guild Homebrew subclasses:

Artificer Specializations

Barbarian Primal Paths

Bardic Colleges

Blood Hunter Martial Orders

Cleric Divine Domains

Druidic Circles

Fighter Martial Archetypes

Monk Monastic Traditions

Mystic Orders (Not yet published outside of the full set, because I need cover art still. Working on it.)

Paladin Sacred Oaths

Ranger Conclaves

Roguish Archetypes

Sorcerous Origins

Warlock Otherworldly Patrons

Wizard Arcane Traditions

All of the above options are listed as “Pay What You Want,” meaning you can download them for free and contribute a little later if you like what you read!

Alternatively, you can get everything all at once for a mere $1.00.

Happy hunting!

~The Huntsman