Not Beholder Idea, Class/NPC idea

Okay, this isn’t a Beholder idea, but I thought it would be cool for a class/npc.

So we all think gunslingers are cool, right? Like the typical Wild West cowboy doing shootouts and bar fights. However, you don’t really want to add guns to your fantasy world, so consider this:


They’re basically magic-users without magic of their own, instead abusing magical items (some adjustments to item requirements may be made). This would work best in a world where actual magic-users are rare, but artifacts and items have still survived, and they’d essentially work as regular cowboys.

You get the poor farmhand coming to town for the first time with nothing but a Wand of Web. You get the one guy who somehow manages to duel-wield Wands of Fireball. You get the wanderer who’s amassed so many wands he doesn’t worry about running out of charges, one stops firing, he just grabs another. You’ve got the QuickDraw who’s only got the Wand of Paralysis, but boy can he draw it quick. Finally, you’ve got the hired goon, working for a corrupt businessman, who doesn’t have so much strength, but plenty of backup, and has more than just a Wand.

Honestly, this would work best for NPCs , since otherwise you’d have to start a player out with at least one reusable magic item, and to compensate they wouldn’t get many other features. If you were to do it as a class:

At level 1, choose a subclass/feature:

  • QuickDraw- add one Wand/staff or other reusable magic item to your starting equipment, at the DM’s discretion. Every turn you get a bonus attack, which is treated as a surprise attack. You also have a +2 to hit with non-bonus attacks.
  • Duelslinger- add two wands/staffs to your starting equipment, at the DM’s discretion. You may use both wands simultaneously. However, due to this you lose advantage on surprise attacks.
  • Weapons Vallet- add 2-4 wands/staffs or reusable magic items to your starting equipment, at the DM’s discretion. As a free action, you can remove any item from your inventory and/or toss it to a teammate with an athletics or acrobatics check. You take a -2 to hit with magic attacks, but can instantly draw the next item if your current one is expended.
  • Caster(I’m open to name suggestions)- Add 3 non-Wand or staff reusable magic items to your starting equipment, at your DM’s discretion. You have a +2 to hit with any magic items, and +20 feet to the range of any thrown magic item. (This guy is kinda supposed to be like a grenade lobber, throwing things like Bag of Beans beans or cards from the deck of illusions, while staying in the backline) Unfortunately, you can’t use wands.

Magic swords, armor, or utilities like the Bag of Holding (or Bag of Devouring) cannot be selected as starting items.

Also this would work best if you plan on giving out a bunch of magic items later on, otherwise you might want to fudge the starting numbers.

This is just the bare bones idea, feel free to add to it in the notes! I’m open to constructive criticism