Literally just started a new campaign, DM gives us all 3 gold coins each and we are in an inn for the night.

Dragonborn: I approach the counter, ask for some tobacco to put in my smoking pipe.

DM: “Very Well” the inn man says “How much?”

Dragonborn: I put a gold coin in the counter “This will do”


Drgonborn OOC: What? I smoke a lot

DM: THATS,,, You know what, OKAY! – The Inn guy laughs “Okay kid” and goes to the back, only to come back rolling a BARREL of tobacco. “Here you go”

Dragonborn OOC: OH,,,,, a Gold coin is a lot more then i thoug-

DM OOC: NOPE, now u gotta carry this around, BETTER SMOKE ALL OF IT!

Now all the Dragonborn stealth roles are in disadvantage because he is carrying a giant barrel around and refuses to trow it away because it was literally 1/3 of his money.