Lucky as a racial trait (halfling) and as a feat

So I’m a now level 10 halfling rogue playing from the starter kit sheet. Cora greenbottle is a badass, and does like 6d6 in a sneak attack plus more. She’s maxed out on DEX, obviously. Just leveled up to ten and chose lucky as a feat, while I️ have lucky as a halfling. Like Vax, but better (if possible?! 😥).

Anyone else play a halfling (plus a rogue) and chose lucky as a feat too in 5th edition? @we-are-rogue help for more ideas! I’m thinking of choosing magic initiate at 12, right before my rogue thief can use a magic object at 13, since I️ think these might be better for my character, any input is appreciated!

Take two levels in wizard and choose divination as your school. Then you will have halfling luck (making it hard to crit fail), three re rolls per day, and 2 banked rolls a day. If you are being an arcane trickster this will also boost your number of cantrips and spell slots available (both level and number), if you get another feat take the racial feat from xanathars guide for halfling luck that let’s you apply halfling luck to your allies as well. Then take find familiar as a wizard spell and you will be able to have the familiar do the assist action every turn to give you guaranteed sneak attack.