Lucky as a racial trait (halfling) and as a feat

So I’m a now level 10 halfling rogue playing from the starter kit sheet. Cora greenbottle is a badass, and does like 6d6 in a sneak attack plus more. She’s maxed out on DEX, obviously. Just leveled up to ten and chose lucky as a feat, while I️ have lucky as a halfling. Like Vax, but better (if possible?! 😥).

Anyone else play a halfling (plus a rogue) and chose lucky as a feat too in 5th edition? @we-are-rogue help for more ideas! I’m thinking of choosing magic initiate at 12, right before my rogue thief can use a magic object at 13, since I️ think these might be better for my character, any input is appreciated!

A lucky halfling with the Lucky feat sounds wonderful. 😀

As for your next feat, gee, I don’t know, depends on your concept and your needs. 🙂

If you’ve identified a weakness that you’d like to address, maybe a feat can help. Like, if your fail CON saves a lot, you could take Resilient (and pick constitution, obviously). Or, if you need to be more perceptive, you could take Observant. If you don’t do enough damage – wait, you do enough damage. :p

Otherwise, just pick what you find cool. Magic Initiate has plenty of options (Minor Illusion, Mage Hand, and Disguise Self is a pretty roguish choice), or you could take Hex and go to town, or Unseen Servant… Just avoid 1st lvl spells that don’t do anything if the target makes their save, cause it’s a bummer to have an ability only 1/long rest and it just doesn’t work. And take into account what the rest of the group can do. (I’ve seen parties devastated upon realizing no one could cast Identify. :p)

Healer is an interesting choice, if you got access to healer’s kits, because you can use your Cunning Action to use an object
(you’re a Thief, right?), and you can be a great combat medic all of a sudden!

Alert is never a bad choice.

And there are some standard feats depending on your fighting style (like Crossbow Expert, if that’s your thing, or Sharpshooter for ranged in general), but I’m guessing by now you’re already covered there.