How I got Information For Free


Backstory: The party was investigating the murder of a famous bard. We were in the tavern to get some answers. It’s a tightknit community, and we are outsiders.

Me (OOC): I approach the bartender and ask if he’s seen the bard in recently.

Bartender: Haven’t you heard? He’s dead.

Me: I meant before he died, obviously.

Bartender: I’m not telling you anything.

Me (OOC): I slide 10 gp across the counter and say, “You sure about that?”

DM: The bartender pushes the coins back and says, “Look, he was one of my best customers. He brought in customers from all over, especially the sea. So I’m not telling you anything about him, and especially not for 10 gold.”

Me (OOC): I take my coins back and say, “Thanks for the information, man,” and walk away.

Other players: *dying*

DM: The bartender looks at you with a mixture of irritation and admiration, and the dragonborn at the bar turns and raises his glass to you.