[D&D 5e] A Knife in the Dark: A Rogue’s Handbook, Part III


clutchbone, originally published on the Wizards of the Coast message boards, later republished at En World; I just turned the ratings to something tumblr-friendly. and added some pictures.] [Part III of V]

[Paulson Street Rovers by capprotti ]

Full Guide Contents:

  1. [PART I]


  2. Know Your Role
  3. Ability Scores
  4. Races
  5. [PART II]


  6. Rogue Class Features
    | Melee vs Ranged, Skills

  7. [PART III]  Roguish Archetypes | Spells
  8. [PART IV] Multiclassing
  9. Feats & Example Builds
  10. Tips, Tricks & Handy Links


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    7. Roguish Archetypes



    [Sneakthief (detail) by LeeSmith ]

    The Thief is your
    stereotypical rogue archetype with bonuses to stealing, climbing, and
    sneaking, as well as granting the old favorite Use Magic Device and the
    awesome Thief’s Reflexes. While this archetype is stronger at higher
    levels rather than low, on the whole its effectiveness is about average
    when compared to the other options. Can’t go wrong with it.

    Thief Features 

    • Fast Hands

      : Expanding your Cunning Action to cover Sleight of
      Hand, thieves’ tools, and Use an Object actions. A DM may or may not let
      you pickpocket during a fight, although you may find using objects like
      ball bearings, poisons or potions as a bonus action to be handy. Works
      also with pouring oil, but not splashing it on someone as that’s an
      attack roll (debated; ask your DM). Works very well with the Healer feat

      . See the sidebar on p.190 in the PHB for a non-inclusive list of other potential actions.

    • Second Story Work

      : The need to climb
      fast rarely comes up. The jumping bonus is so bad it might be broken:
      an extra 1-5 feet with 12-20 Dex only gets you 1 extra square, if you’re
      using a map & minis, and is nigh-useless in the Theatre of the Mind

    • Supreme Sneak

      : Advantage on stealth
      is fantastic, even at half speed, because the risks of a failed stealth
      check are often fairly dangerous. Wood Elves and Lightfoot Halflings
      especially will love this.

    • Use Magic Device

      : With magic items being rarer in 5e than in the
      past, there might not be many extra wands of fireball lying around for
      you to use. Still, few things are as frustrating as finding a magic item
      that no one in your party can use, so this helps with that.

    • Thief’s Reflexes

      : Taking two turns
      is fantastic, and unlike Assassinate it works no matter how badly you
      roll your Initiative. Depending on the spread of rolls it’s possible for
      you to get two turns in a row (ie if you go last normally, or if you’re
      first and everyone else rolled terribly), potentially letting you Sneak
      Attack both times!

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