noblecrumpet-dorkvision: So I haven’t been posting lately and…

Inktober Warmups of magical effects

An armored spellcaster.

Hypnotist/Illusionist bringing some cloth patterning to life

A lich queen. Someone has just broken her amulet that was maintaining her illusion magic to hide her undeath.

Closeup of the lich queen

A dwarven wizard/artificer harnessing lightning to power his magic.

Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia. Just sorta wanted to draw this one.

Closeup of Sucy for the guys in back

I mashed up Steven Universe and Stephen Strange: Dr. Stephen Universe!

A merfolk seer scrying in her underwater pool of oil, seeing what her fishy familiars have gathered.


So I haven’t been posting lately and it’s because I’ve been trying to catch up on Inktober! Since my next three “class weeks” for the blog are for Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards, I thought I’d brainstorm a bit by giving myself a broad Inktober theme: Spellcasters! These are the pages I have done so far but I’d very much like to keep up my tempo until I’ve fully caught up. I’ll post my Inktober progress here as I do!