cliffearts: Like I said in my Inktober Intro post, this year I…


Like I said in my Inktober Intro post, this year I am doing my DnD groups inventory from our current
game. I’m not sure what any of them looked like so I just winged it! Most of the objects that aren’t from a handbook were created by
our DM, he get’s pretty creative haha.
You can find the rest of the items I’ve drawn from my Intro post here.

Day 1: Throwing Brick of Returning
It’s like a Throwing Dagger of Returning, but a brick.

Day 2: The Beacon Belts
pair of identical belts. Wearer of each belt always knows the location
of the other one. Once per day, if both wearers are willing, as an
action they can swap their positions, regardless of distance.

Day 3: Pocket Galaxy
A small orb that casts dim, star-like lights in a room. Very calming and floats in water.

Day 4: Powdered Booze
A bag of powder that makes any beverage taste like ale, but it is non-alcoholic.

Day 5: Locket of Instant Mustache
opened, it gives the holder an instant, beautiful mustache. When
closed, or leaves the holders possession, the mustache instantly
disappears. +1 to Bluff checks. +2 to Disguise checks.

Day 6: Vial of Dragons Breath
breathed in, it smells of strawberries and restores 1hp. When drunk, it
tastes of cherries and makes your next bathroom break deal 1d6 fire
damage. When sprinkled on food, it tastes and little too spicy for the
user and deals 1hp of damage.