Fey Boons and Banes, pt 1


“Witch Spell”

Alessandro Poli. Accessed at his ArtStation page here

[Which one is the fey I leave you to decide]

Fey Boons and Banes

The following uses the “Fey Boons and Banes” rules from Pathfinder Adventure Path 119: Prisoners of
the Blight
. These are abilities that fey creatures can bestow upon those
they favor or curses they can inflict on those that anger them. A boon or bane
acts as a spell-like ability with a casting time of 1 minute, a range of touch,
a spell level equal to ½ the fey’s HD (maximum 9th level) and a caster level
equal to the fey’s HD. An unwilling target can resist a fey boon or bane with a
Will save: the DC is given below for an average specimen.

Aegipan (3rd level
spell, CL 6, DC 15)

Aegipans are benevolent creatures, and may use their boons to reward
those who assist them on their missions of peace and protection. They may also
use this ability to assist people lost at sea or during a shipwreck. Aegipans
typically reserve their banes for the cruelest villains, who find that the sea
itself turns against them.

Boon: You gain a swim speed
equal to your land speed. You gain a +8 bonus on all Swim checks, and may take
10 on Swim checks even when rushed or threatened. This boon lasts for one day
per caster level (6 days for the typical aegipan).

Bane: When you are in the
water, you always suffer penalties to Swim checks as if you were under heavy
encumbrance. In addition, you can only hold your breath for half the normal
period of time. This bane is permanent.

Agropelter (5th level
spell, CL 11, DC 17)

The peevish lumberwoods fey knows as agropelters behave much like wild
beasts, and they are much more likely to bestow their boons on animals than
they are on mortal creatures. Agropelters may sneak into lodges and lumber
camps at night to use their banes on sleeping targets—the better to kill them
with thrown clubs during the day.

Boon: You gain Throw
Anything as a bonus feat. If you do not have hands with which to make thrown
weapon attacks, you can still throw objects with your natural appendages for
normal range and damage as appropriate for your size. If you already have the
Throw Anything feat, you gain Improvised Weapon Mastery as a bonus feat. If you
already have both feats, you treat all improvised thrown weapons as being
magical and silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This boon
is permanent.

Bane: You become a magnet to
thrown weapons and projectiles of all kinds. Ranged weapon attacks made against you do not suffer any penalties
from cover or concealment. This bane lasts for one day per caster level of the
agropelter (11 days for the typical aegipan).

Amadan (5th level
spell, CL 10, DC 18)

Amadans are found in mortal lands as often as they are in the realms of
the fey, and so they may make friends among mortals upon whom to bestow their
boons. Particularly skilled and innocent mortals are those that make the
greatest impression on the cynical amadans, and the amadan’s influence can help
keep them out of trouble. A scorned amadan, however, will not hesitate to use
its bane to both humiliate and endanger its enemies.

Boon: You may cast mirror image as a spell-like ability,
with a caster level equal to your HD. You may do so three times; once you have,
this boon expires. If not used, this boon expires in one week’s time.

Bane: You find the most
inappropriate things hilariously funny. Whenever you enter a stressful
situation, including combat, you must succeed a Will save (DC 18) or be
affected by a hideous laughter spell.
If you successfully save, you cannot be affected by this ability for one hour,
even if other stressful situations emerge. This bane is permanent.

Bogle (2nd level
spell, CL 5, DC 14)

Bogles rarely, if ever, bestow their boons to anyone. Only the most
vicious anarchists attract a bogle’s positive attention—their boon is given to
those allies in order to protect them from the bogle’s vermin shock troops.
Bogles eagerly bestow their bane on farmers and other civilized folk when they
can. A bogle defeated in combat will often feign surrender in order to curse
the foe that bested it out of pure spite.

Boon: Vermin cannot sense
you, even with extraordinary or supernatural senses (like blindsense,
blindsight or scent). If you attack a creature with the vermin type, this
effect is broken for that creature only. This boon lasts for one day.

Bane: Every night at
midnight, you must succeed a DC 14 Fortitude save or take 1d2 points of
Constitution damage, as if your body was being consumed from within by insects.
This damage does not heal naturally through rest, although spells like lesser restoration can remove it. This
bane lasts for one week.

Enenra (5th level
spell, CL 10, DC 18)

Enenras are benevolent creatures that use their boons to assist those
who fight forest fires or that simply need to escape them. Arsonists and those
that use fire recklessly, however, may find themselves cursed with an enenra’s
bane and feel the heat of their own flames.

Boon: You can see through
smoke and fog as if it were not there. In addition, you gain fire resistance
10. This ability lasts for one week.

Bane: Any time you deal fire
damage to a creature or living plant, you take an equal amount of fire damage.
If there is a save for this effect (such as a fireball spell), you receive a save against the same DC in order to
take half or no damage, as is usual for the spell or ability. If you have fire
immunity or resistance, it does not apply against this damage. This bane is

Hiderigami (5th level
spell, CL 11, DC 19)

The desert-dwelling hiderigami are the protectors of those arid
landscapes, and use their boons to benefit those who would protect the desert
from intrusion and exploitation. They especially favor travelers who can tell
them about other deserts in faraway lands, or teach them about the strange life
that requires frequent rains or cool temperatures. Hiderigami will not hesitate
to use their bane to thwart miners, land developers and farmers seeking to
transform the desert into a new landscape.

Boon: You become immune to
magical effects that would cause fatigue or exhaustion. You must still sleep or
become fatigued or exhausted, and physical exertion (like a forced march) can
still cause these conditions. In addition, you require only ¼ as much food and
water as is normal for a creature of your size. This boon lasts for one month.

Bane: You permanently suffer
from excruciating sunburn. You are sickened and fatigued. Whenever you take
damage from a fire spell or effect, you must succeed a Fortitude save (DC 19)
or be nauseated with pain for one round. This bane is permanent.