bardicchef: “The Wagon”The converted Vistani wagon is the place…


“The Wagon”

The converted Vistani wagon is the place Prianna (half elf, bard) calls home, along with her little skeleton cat Mustard. Shelves line most of the walls, along with little bars to the jars in place when the wagon is moving. Some of the ingredients are purely culinary, while others have a more… magical, potion-like quality. If she happens to take a certain wizard on the road with her, his spell components become peppered in as well. Fresh herbs are mounted along the bottom of the huge windowsill built into the side. 

When a large monster is conquered, skinned, and prepared, she rolls up into the nearest town with a decent population and sets up shop. The window is opened up, and she serves right out of the wagon. Roasts, soups, whatever she can come up with. She’ll leave the town the following day with her pockets a little heavier with gold.