Any advice for getting accepted into games on Roll20? I’ve applied to so many but never accepted. I’ve never played d&d before and only have 1 hour total on Roll20 from the tutorial. Is that a red flag for GMs? Or is it the fact that my characters are unusual choices for beginners (such as having a kenku, for example)? I feel like I’m doing something wrong here.

Oooh this is a good question since I’ve HEARD people can wait endlessly trying to get into a game but have found games through here on tumblr where we then play on roll20 so I don’t have much experience soliciting games. My first thought that actually your time slot of when you can play may be a contributing factor as well as your inexperience. Our DM (in one game) actually requires new people joining to start at level 1….and I’m a level 9, so starting someone out at level 1 in our party with the situations we get into (looking for dragons), your character might die, IMMEDIATELY. In fact, if you were getting introduced to our party, they might consider you hostile; and good luck with our wild magic sorcerer since I’ve had to talk him out of killing randoms plenty of times. Yes, beginners with unusual choices aren’t the best starting out. My friend decided to be a dragonborn druid his first time and it was just a mess, and I think a little too much to start out with (and maybe bit of a broken character, tbh). Start simple! My favorite character I pulled out of the starter kit and I just embraced it (halfling rogue ftw) and while it irks me she can’t see in the dark she has luck as a trait and gets to reroll ones….so there’s trade offs. More to the point, I think rather than doing some homebrew right away, maybe just play a rogue or a cleric (since I think each party needs those or could use them in abundance), roll all your traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws, and follow those rolls, then you can play or hash out a plethora of playable characters that you might find yourself relating to or having some ideas about. I don’t have THAT many hours logged in on roll20 so now I wonder – would I even be accepted?! Who knows? If you want to make a post for me non off anon about looking for a game, I’m happy to reblog it for you, just message me a link to the post (since asks get buried on mobile).  

thanks for the ask!