Do A Barrel Roll!: Dragon Mounts & Dragon Riders…


The dream mount for many characters is, of course, a

Raising a dragon from an egg until it’s
large enough to use as a mount (which depends both on the dragon’s type and your size) can take years.

While some elves or dwarves may be inclined
toward projects that lengthy, members of other
races need mounts sooner. 

Assuming someone in
need of a mount could get a dragon to stop and
talk, they might persuade the dragon to join them as a
special mount and as a partner. 

Offering a dragon immense
rewards in return for assistance might also work,
depending on the species—but be sure to pay the

Tempting a dragon’s curiosity is another
possible way to gain a dragon partner. 

dragons already separated from their families
might serve in return for experience, education,
and protection. 

Using magic, such as charm spells, is a mistake, since
the magic eventually wears off, and such coercion may
anger the dragon. 

Similarly, persuading a dragon of
widely differing alignment to join an adventuring
group leads only to the dragon leaving, if not attacking
the party.

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