100 Magic Items for 5e Pt.3


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11.      Crystal Ball of Divination

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

A ball made of flawless crystal that glows slightly, it is imbued with the ability to cast the following spells with no material components. The ball has 7 charges and after use of its charges it becomes a mundane crystal ball with no magical properties (Although it can be used as a focus)

·         Expend 1 Charge to cast the Detect Magic spell

·         Expend 2 charge to cast the Identify spell

·         Expend 2 charges to cast the Locate Object spell

·         Expend 3 charges to cast the Clairvoyance spell

12.      Radiance

Weapon (Bow), Rare, Attunement

A bow crafted from wood that shimmers yellow. Its handles are plated in gold. Each attack done with this bow deal an additional 1d4 radiant damage. Additionally by speaking Radiance’s command word, the player can cast the “light” cantrip focused on the bow.

Attunement: Over a short rest, the bow calls its owner to it and upon touch teaches it a secret hymn that attunes the player to Radiance. Learning the command word.

13.      Dagger of Interdimensional Metal

Weapon (Dagger), Very Rare

A dagger made of a compound of metals from across dimensions, resulting in the dagger to not just exist in one plane – but all at once. Any attack from this dagger penetrates and slices as if no material object is in the way of it, while still causing physical damage to the objects it passes through dealing 1d4 force damage. On attack rolls this dagger automatically hits on all rolls between 2 and 19. On a 20 the attack is a critical hit as usual. A 1 is still considered a critical fail and the attack will be a miss (Or other result depending on the DM)

14.  Gearwork Crossbow

Weapon (Crossbow), Very Rare, Non-Magical

This crossbow is equipped with the latest in Gnome engineering, including a fitted looking glass to target your enemies and a series of levers and pulleys to help load and reload, though the working of which are a maze of steel and string. This weapon scores a critical hit on a 19 or a 20. Additionally, when a ranged attack with this crossbow misses, the player can still roll damage die – dealing damage equal to half of the number rolled with no modifier.

When this crossbow must be loaded roll a d6, on a 6 the player can ignore the loading property for this turn. On a success the player can make a DC16 perception to check to see if they better understand the working of how to load the crossbow, on a pass the next time a d6 roll is made to load the crossbow – the loading property is ignored by a 5 or a 6. This effect can continue until the player has achieved a complete mastery of the workings of this crossbow, and can always ignore the loading property.

15.  Chain of Savage Impact

Armour (Shield), Very Rare

A coil of magical steel links about 5 feet in length – that looks like a mundane chain to the non-trained eye. This chain can only be worn effectively by a player with proficiency in shields. When wrapped around the wearers off-hand It acts a shield granting them +1 AC. Additionally, the wearer can take a bonus action to attack with their chain wrapped fist. Dealing 1d6+Str bludgeoning damage. On a critical hit – this damage is increased to 4 times the amount of dice, instead of 2 times. (4d6+Str)