D&D Abridged Livestream Playlist: The White Dragon Hunt


I’m finally done! I’ve successfully abridged my first-ever live-streamed Dungeons and Dragons adventure! By that, I mean that I’ve taken over 26 hours of recorded footage and removed the moments of dead air, rules confusion, pointless tangents, technical difficulties, and corrupted video and attempted to make it more watchable and better-paced.


Here’s the completed playlist (20 episodes).

I’ve learned so much about streaming and editing, and I’m hyped to produce more original content. More gaming livestreams (Storm King’s Thunder, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, etc.), skits, HEMA demos, whatever! I FEEL LIKE I’M ON A CREATIVE HIGH RIGHT NOW AND I WILL RIDE THIS WAVE OF NEWFOUND CONFIDENCE INTO THE SUNSET, BY THUNDER! Perhaps I’ll even write this adventure into an open-source module?


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