irradiatedlady: Ever wanted to get into Dungeons and Dragons…


Ever wanted to get into Dungeons and Dragons but didn’t know how or felt intimidated by game shops? Joined a group only to be made to feel bad for being a newbie or were made uncomfortable by rude men at the table? Just wanna chill and talk D&D with a group of super rad women and NB folks?

There’s a discord channel for that! We’re only a week old but we’ve already surpassed 100 members and they’re all lovely, inclusive as heck and welcoming. We do weekly events (like movie screenings!) and have already gotten 3 games started via our “looking for a group” sub channel. We also boast a really robust resources sub channel that acts as a comprehensive tabletop RPG library. 

If you’d like an invite shoot me a message and I’ll hook ya up! If it’s not for you but you’re still hype about it, reblog so lots of folks can see this rad community! Thanks!! ??