A Partial Guide To Legendary Sites…


Legendary sites, similar to magical locations, are areas with
special properties or effects from which a character might
gain a significant benefit.

Magical locations are areas that have been crafted by
mighty magic or imbued with ancient power. 

They are
hard to find and harder to use, and confer their powers
but rarely. 

Legendary sites, in contrast, are places where
great works have been wrought and where seemingly
impossible deeds have occurred. 

These locations have a
lesser kind of power. 

A site such as a sandy beach where
an explorer stepped for the first time, or a plaza where
a long-fallen marvel once towered, pulses with its own
renown, if not with true magic. 

The stories that inspire
these places and make them famous lend them reputations
that can be shared by those who brush with such a site’s

Characters who visit these sites of historical
import, incredible acts, mystery, and great danger come
away changed, not just in the eyes of the public but in their
own hearts as well…

Such legendary sites need not be unique. 

inspirational effects might develop wherever a spot
becomes imbued with a momentous event or spectacular

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