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Mood: Over Prepared DM

Cute and v nicely put together character sheets from @r-n-w . They’re gonna be so helpful for my players since they have the class specific stuff right on them!

Included in each character folder is a typed up page of all their features, traits, background choices, etc, and a cheat sheet for combat that I got from Tumblr and will reblog here after I post this.

My notes include the combat cheat sheet, a document that lists a bunch of different merchants and their wares, also taken from Tumblr and will be reblogged here tonight, and a map drawn by me. Don’t look at it too closely its not very good. I work with numbers, drawing is not my area of expertise!

The notebooks are for me to take notes during the actual game, and one has a bunch of random ideas I’ve collected and can draw from in a pinch.

Next we have a picture of the dice sets I got to hand out to my players, plus one for me. I posted a picture of the actual dice a while ago, and I’ll reblog it again!

And finally, we have the dice tower my lovely girlfriend gave me as a gift ? plus all my dice. I know, small collection, but I’m working on it ?

Not pictured is my computer, which I will use to track encounters and, hopefully, play some background music on.

Anyways, I’m so ready and excited and I wanted to share with everyone!