The Multiattacker


20 villagers try to hit a dragon. A paladin gets attacked by 6 crawling hands. A fighter has so many extra attacks, he attacks 5 times in one turn. We all know situations like these, and they can get pretty boring if you roll for every attack. But that’s why I programmed the Multiattacker. So here is how it works

Let’s take the paladin situation as an example. She gets attacked by 6 crawling claws, so you enter 6 at “Number of Attacks”. A crawling claw has +3 to hit, so you enter 3 at “Hit Modifier”. Our Paladin is wearing Chainmail and a shield, so she has an AC of 18. That’s what you enter at “AC Target”. If a crawling claw hits, it deals 1d4+1 damage.Guess what you enter in the second row. Then you press the “Attack!” button.

After pressing the button, the program does some math stuff and then you get this. As we see, all crawling claws missed their attack. That’s why the total damage is 0. Our paladin is safe, but what about the bard that is under attack from skeletons?

5 skeletons are shooting at our bard. A skeleton has +4 to hit and deals 1d6+2 damage. The bard is wearing half plate armor and has an AC of 16. Note that the results from the last attack are still there because I don’t know how to change that (and not really want to put effort into that). So, let’s press the attack!

Oh no! One of the skeletons managed to hit our bard! He takes 5 damage. 

If you like this program and want to download it, check out this post!