The half-oni bard wanted to hold the cat but the cat just really didn’t want to be held.


Ranger: *Waking up, hungover* Why do I smell like cat piss…? Who are you?
Fighter: Cat piss.
Ranger: But why do I smell like cat piss?
Fighter: *Gesturing at floor* Cat piss. I picked you up out of it. Your welcome.
Ranger: I… thank you? What?
Fighter: *more forcefully* Cat piss.
Ranger: Why was there cat piss?
Fighter: Your cat, pissed.
Ranger: *to panther* Donoburaux! Why?
DM: He wont look at you. He’s ashamed.
Bard: *at fault for intimidating the panther into letting him hold him* I guess it’ll always be a mystery…..