House Rules: Out-Of-Turn Dodge


This Variant has been adapted from 3.5e to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Feel Free to Play Test, Edit or Give Constructive Criticism to Improve This Variant…

Any time you are about to be attacked, you can give up your next turn to gain a +4 bonus to your AC.

You can apply this bonus to AC against the attack, but you must declare this Dodge Action before the attack roll is made.

Your initiative does not change; you simply do not take an action on your next turn.

You gain this dodge action until the next time your initiative comes up after your “skipped” turn.

This rule gives a character the option of defending himself or herself, providing an additional element to combat tactics.

It also provides adventurers with addition tactical options, such as a “wolf pack” tactic: 

When a group attacks a single target, whoever the target retaliates against uses the out-of-turn dodge to aid his or her AC, while each of the others attacks the opponent on his or her turn.

The Alternative

Another, possibly simpler House Rule, would be to declare the “Dodge” Action before the Attack Roll is made.

By sacrificing their next Turn in Combat, the Player gains the benefits of the “Dodge” Combat Action:


When you take the Dodge Action, you focus entirely on avoiding Attacks. 

Until the start of your Next Turn, any Attack Roll made against you has Disadvantage if you can see the Attacker, and you make Dexterity Saving Throws with Advantage. 

You lose this benefit if you are Incapacitated (as explained in Conditions) or if your speed drops to 0.