things to do while you wait for your dnd group…


  • create a family tree for a character you’ll never get the chance to play
  • make yet another tiefling
  • find race and class combos you haven’t had the chance to play yet
  • dig up an old character and revamp them
  • make playlists for your characters. get emotional when you listen to them
  • start writing backstory for your backup character
  • come up with elf names by mispronouncing common words
  • check your groupchat for updates you know won’t be there
  • speculate on how you’re all going to die next session
  • listen to dnd podcasts to both ease and worsen the void in your soul
  • buy another dice set

dungeonsandcartoons: 419 A Dangerous Pass


419 A Dangerous Pass

I been talking to some people and this idea ca…


So, we’re going to try a little experiment (especially since we’re coming up on 5,000 followers).  I am inviting you all to be players in an irregularly scheduled 5e D&D game set in Midas (see my Google doc post) over Discord.  Probably 2-4 of you, depending on if/how many irl friends want to be part of this, will be able to join.  

It’s possible that more people than that will want to play.  Gotta get that good D&D fix.  I don’t want to be that gatekeeper who decides “no you don’t get to play because I say so.”  That’s just mean.  But, everyone knows That Guy who doesn’t necessarily fit in to your group (see Matt Colville’s latest Running the Game Video: Problem Players), and I don’t wanna be stuck with someone who doesn’t mesh and doesn’t realize it.

I don’t actually have any control over this.  But I CAN turn it into a creative process for all of us, so I’m gonna turn this into a contest.

Over the next week (ending at midnight on May 1st), in my submissions, you can submit the concept for the character you would play.  On May 1st, I will post all submissions tagged as #contest.  Everyone else can like or reblog these posts, and the top X (X being the number of people I intend to put in the game) will get to play.  

The following Rules will apply.

  • Submission: Only concepts submitted to my submissions (the link on my blog is “Submit Your Ideas”) will be accepted as valid “applications.”  In the tags, I will put reminders of how the contest works so that people might take a second glance if they scroll past.  It is recommended that you read the Google Docs in the previous post for context on Midas.  During the next two weeks, I will make no unrelated posts to prevent lost information or missed voting opportunities.
  • Votes: Each person who reblogs OR likes your submission between May 1st-8th counts as one vote.  You may reblog your own post, but it will not count as a vote.  People who put multiple notes on a post will only be counted once.  As said above, the top X posts win.  Keep in mind I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Character Sheet: Submissions must include one character sheet [file or images] for a 4th level character of any race from the Player’s Handbook (no dragonborn exist in this setting), Volo’s Guide, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (SCAG), or genasi, using the classes available in the Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide, SCAG, Death Cleric Domain from the DMG, Tal’Dorei subclasses, the Mystic Unearthed Arcana class, the Blood Hunter Critical Role class, or the Fighter Gunslinger.  When rolling stats for these characters, you use the standard 4d6 take the highest three, but you make roll up 3 separate sets.  So, the first six scores you roll are one set, the second six are another set, and the third are the last set.  You may choose any of these sets to use for your character, or if you hate all of them you may use point-buy rules.  You may not start with any feats unless those feats come from the variant human trait.  Any time a character would get an ability score increase that could be substituted for a feat, you must take the ability score increase.  There is a reason for this which will be explained in-game.  You may dm or ask box me any other questions about this you might have.
  • Background and Concept:  Your submission must include at least one paragraph giving information about your character’s life, and may also include information about how you envision them or other relevant details (if there is info you would prefer to keep secret from other players, simply dm it to me, but keep in mind the “votes” will not take this into account).  This writing may only contain information about your character’s history UP TO the point when they gained their first level in any class.  The rest of your character background will be subject to game features that will be explained directly to you should you win.  You may dm or ask box me any questions you have about this.
  • Acknowledgement of the Game Conditions: This isn’t actually a rule, but an alert to what this game will probably be like.  The game will be run on Discord, undecided if on the public channel where other people can listen in or on a private channel.  There will likely be no set game schedule since people have jobs, school maybe, rehearsals (maybe just me lol), et cetera, but expect us to ATTEMPT to assemble a game every week, whenever in the week is possible.  Most likely these will be evening/night games, ranging in start times from 5-11 pm EST.  It’s recommended that you have your own dice and printed out/written down character sheet and notes just to speed things along, but the dice or format aren’t required.  You may dm or ask box me any other questions about this.

This post will be reblogged at 7 PM EST every day until the voting begins.

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A single guard watches the mountain pass (Jeff Easley cover, AD&D module collection I13: Adventure Pack I, TSR, 1987)



Me, the John Cena of Orcs, and our Tiefling with an attitude, are thrown into an arena. Whoever wins the battle is crowned town hero. 

We stand in the middle of the arena and four camels come charging at us. They take first attack and miss. A lot. 


Tiefling: But you haven’t even done anything. 

Me: *Continues flexing* THESE GLORIOUS BICEPS! 

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418 A Place of Redemption 

The Psion/Psychic/Mind Mage pt1 – The Mike Mea…

The Psion/Psychic/Mind Mage pt1 – The Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour!

The @mikemearls hey everyone and welcome back to the mic girls happy fun hour I am your host Mike…

dice-aesthetic: BLUE



What is the plan for Raven Queen subclass? Re…

What is the plan for Raven Queen subclass?

Really big fan of the Raven Queen and anything edgy(yeah I know) so I was a bit sad that her warlock pact was not in Xanathar’s.



D4 Item Quirks

Wizards get bored and often put quirky traits into their creation. A few of these quirks could be viewed as curses, but that’s not a problem for you right? Anyhoo, roll on the table for your next magical item’s quirk.

1) Likable: While you are wearing/holding this enchanted item you must add the work ‘like’ into every sentence.

2) Whoopee Cushion: There is a whoopee cushion built into this armor or robe. Every time you sit it sounds like you rip a big one.

3) Bacon Smell: While wearing this enchanted item you smell like bacon. Carnivorous beasts always seem to attack you first.

4) Nyctophobic: This item is scared of the dark and will glow like the ‘light’ spell when entering dimly lit and dark places.