Aaand here they are, my first shot at 2D chara…

Aaand here they are, my first shot at 2D character tokens! What do you think of this 32-piece test run? I had a lot of fun making them, so please let me know if you’d like to see more! 

You can download them free here.



Lockpicking by erenarik























d&d spells as memes. i’ll start

power word kill

heroes’ feast

Mirror image


dissonant whispers


Vicious Mockery

Charm Person

magic missile


Summon Elemental (Earth)

Delayed Blast Fireball

Polymorph Other

Psychic Scream

Astral Projection

This is my fav post.

Zone of Truth


Intense Perception Check

Guardian of Faith


Magic Missile as a 9th level spell

Expeditious Retreat

Comprehend languages



HackMaster: Robinloft 2 – Tahd’s Legacy ~ Kenzer and Company (2004)

“Pick up a rat and start swinging!”


context: the dwarven fighter was fighting a group of 15 giant rats. Surprisingly, this worked.



Q Workshop makes the most gorgeous, ornate dice!

quarkmaster: evil wizard artwork done for a…


evil wizard

artwork done for a contest

Nikolai Lebedev




Image by Matt Mitchell,

Wizards of the Coast. Accessed at the Monster Manual II Art Gallery here

This hideous
creature resembles a baboon the size of a house, with blue-black fur and a
long, reptilian tail. Its arms and legs are covered with scales, and have far
too many joints.

The name “julajimus” stems from an ancient dialect
and means “eater of children”. The julajimus do their best to live up to this
appellation, serving as bogeys that delight in preying upon the sympathies of
children, followed by the flesh of the child and their family. A julajimus is
capable of assuming the form of a tiny, harmless animal at will, disguising
itself as a cat, rabbit, bird or rat and lurking in places where they will be
easily found and adopted. To sweeten the deal, the julajimus may converse
telepathically with its chosen victim, becoming an “imaginary” friend and
confidante. Once taken into the home, a julajimus will subtly sow distrust and
unease with its telepathy. Once the household is good and nervous, then it
strikes, returning to its original form and leaving a trail of savage violence.

In combat, julajimus prefer to target the weakest
opponents first. Unlike many other monsters, they won’t leave a cowering
opponent behind in order to focus on those capable of doing damage, rather
sadistically inflicting anguish on those that cannot fight back. The
disturbingly flexible body of a julajimus ensures that these enormous creatures
can fight easily in cramped quarters, and they delight in chasing fleeing
enemies into narrow areas that the massive beast shouldn’t be able to fit into.

Julajimus like to take trophies, and their
underground lairs are decorated with memorabilia and treasures stolen from
their victims. The only thing a julajimus fears is sunlight—they prefer to
dwell in overcast regions or underground. They can walk by day when transformed
into a small animal, but are loathe to do so unless luring in an unsuspecting
victim, as they cannot transform back when so exposed. A julajimus grows
twenty-five feet long and stands fifteen feet tall.

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kropotkitten: felweed: goblin swarm cats are …



goblin swarm

cats are the truest anarchists. when you are trying to make your bed, to impress who?, they turn it into playtime to remind you of how easy pleasure is to be had together

How I proposed to my girlfriend through dnd


This happened on April 7th, 2018.  I am the DM, the player of the Necromancer Jada is my gf. the party is 6 people who have been tasked with defeating an evil necromancer who is making an artifact to amply his power is some way. they have just defeated him.

DM: as the necromancer dies you hear a (closes ring box behind screen for sound effect) as the ball of stone and energy he was focused on is locked into a pedestal radiating a small amount of necromantic energy. the Horde of zombie that had been protecting him crumble to dust. What do you do?

gnome wizard: I want to loot his body!

Jada: I too will loot his body

aarakocra fighter: i want to take the bad guys head and sit in a corner

most of the rest of the party: we are moving away from the alter.

DM: Ok would anyone like to deal with the pedestal?

aarakocra fighter: Yeah is anyone going to go for the pedestal? I’m happy with just the necromancer’s head.

Jada: I’ll touch the artifact/pedestal

DM: Ok Guys….


DM: ok as you touch the pedestal you feel a little bit of necromantic energy drain from you. it opens and there is a burst of air on the air you hear some faint whispers “Becky (Jada’s player) will you marry me?” *pulls box out and opens it to reveal the engagement ring*

Jada (ooc): covers her mouth in surprise then gets up and come and hugs me then puts on the ring saying yes

rest of party (ooc); laughing clapping “Success!” (they all knew this was happening before the session started)